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Neuroscience and Positive Psychology Class for Teens (10 weeks)

Price: $300.00

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Neuroscience and Positive Psychology Class for Kids in Santa Barbara

This engaging, interactive class will focus on the latest findings in the two of the most ground-breaking fields today -- neuroscience and positive psychology. We embark together on a scientific investigation of our own beliefs, mindsets, habits, and behaviors. We will dig into the exploration of our three brains (reptilian, mammalian, and the neocortex (the thinking brain)), the human nervous system, and the brain-body connection. We will work with concepts of neuroplasticity, growth-mindset, self-discovery and awareness, mindfulness, the connection between thoughts-feelings-behaviors and our emotions. There will be a lot of discussion, interaction, hypothesizing, testing the hypothesis, experimenting. This may involve art, writing, observations, research, exercises, designing experiments.

You can choose to be in Thursday morning class (9am-10:30am) or Thursday afternoon class (5pm-6:30pm). The class will run for 10 weeks and cost $30/class ($300/semester).

We are an approved vendor for Inspire Charter Schools and accept their certificates for payment.

Please don't hesitate to email us at info@colorfulschools.org with any questions.

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