The Company

Colorful Schools is a nonprofit and charitable organization based in Santa Barbara, CA, created for the purpose of making a positive difference in the world by offering alternative education, mental wellness services, research, and advocacy for children and families. We specialize in supporting cognitive, physical, creative, and psychological (social-emotional) development and well-being. We can help with attachment trauma, adoption, anxiety, and parenting challenges. We work with children and caregivers, individually and as a family system.

Purpose Statement of Colorful Schools

The specific purposes for which this organization was formed include, but are not limited to:

  • developing and providing innovative alternative learning experiences, such as inquiry-based STEAM curriculum (chemistry, physics, engineering, entrepreneurship, art) as well as classes and programs that facilitate social-emotional learning (psychology, neuroscience, expressive arts, mindfulness, meditation);
  • offering comprehensive and competent mental health services to children, adults, and families, focusing on clients with a history of anxiety and attachment trauma;
  • providing psychoeducation, workshops, therapeutic process groups and support groups to the community on a sliding scale;
  • conducting research on effective practices in the field, including contributing to relevant publications and facilitating information exchange;
  • offering advocacy services to protect interests of children and families in public organizations;

Corporate Partners

We appreciate generous donations and support of Cospheric LLC - a global leader in manufacturing of precision microspheres and enabling breakthroughs in research and technology all over the world.